Saturday, January 24, 2009

Roller Skate!

I heart roller skating, but my few forays into outdoor skating in the past were not that fun, so I didn't do it again until last weekend when we were having 70 deg. weather in SF in January.

My few attempts in the past left me with very sore legs and rattled bones the next day because cement sidewalk and basketball court blacktop pavement is not as smooth as it looks. Indoor wooden roller rinks spoiled me.

Well, it looks like the city has given up a basketball court and given skaters an ultra smooth surface in the park since the last time I went several years ago.

Next, I have to learn some of the smooth moves of the regulars and the Thriller dance. I can only skate forward well and backwards ok. I also went to the uber fun Obama skaters' ball the night of the inauguration. Some awesome costumes in the house, and skating to dub music might be more fan than regular ol' dancin' to it! CORA rocks!

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